ARC Team

Join the ARC Team

What is an ARC Team?  ARC stands for Advance Reader Copy.

Members of my exclusive ARC Team are given

  • Private access to my books before they are released, free of charge
  • Entry to contests, exclusive for my ARC team members only
  • Opportunity to help shape upcoming adventures

In return, ARC Team members agree to:

  • Not disclose or share the book with anyone
  • Provide honest feedback, critique, and report any errors or problems they found
  • “Buy” a free copy of the published book on Amazon at release and post a review on Amazon at the release date
  • Share a link to the published book on Amazon on your social media (Facebook / Twitter / etc.)

And… if getting free books isn’t enticing enough… I periodically select one random, lucky ARC member who provides feedback and reviews to receive a free, autographed copy of that book, sent directly to their door!

Pretty good deal, eh?  Sign up below, and let’s get started!

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